Pixar’s Brave: Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Go See It And Love It!

“If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?”

1. Merida. Merida, Merida, Merida. She is without a doubt the best Disney heroine and has replaced Princess Leia as my favourite princess of all time. Sorry Leia, I love you but Merida does archery and she wouldn’t dream of kissing a boy, she’s too busy being badass. Plus she doesn’t brush her hair and I have to be bribed to brush mine.

2. Visually, it’s stunning. It’s so close to being as beautiful and haunting as actual Scottish countryside that you’d never have to watch a David Attenborough documentary again.

3. There is practically no singing. There’s a scene where the leaders of the clan are drunkenly howling along to a folk tune but there is no spontaneously breaking into song to convey an emotional dilemma, no singing on horseback or in a canoe or while sweeping the castle stairs.

4. There isn’t a love interest. Brave is about family and tradition and expectations and intergenerational miscommunication. The princes are portrayed as average teenage boys – hapless, nervous and a bit strange – romance is not on the cards.

5. Brave is genuinely moving and will make you want to go home and give your mum a cuddle – the moral to the story is compromise, acceptance and understanding, especially between parents and their children.


Written by Becky Shepherd

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  1. Great to know! Going to go take my 9 year old daughter to today’s afternoon show. Age restriction is 10 but I think we’ll be ok ;)

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